Summer Painted Mix: Session 2

impossible to fail game board with pieces impossible to fail sign lo res

Game Board/Sign

Here is your pattern PDF:  It includes your photos, supply list, instructions and line work.

Impossible to Fail Board pdf

This project has so many possibilities.  If you are looking for a great game board you can take the project to that part and stop.  But…if you want to go farther, I have included design to insert in the middle of the checkerboard that will turn this into a fun sign that would look great on a front door or in any room.  You decide how far you want to go.

The video clips will take you through the first part of the board.  If you want to add the design I have included some photos for reference.  You just need to find the information in your printed instructions.

I recommend that you watch the lessons in numerical order so you can see the project from start to finish. Of course, you can always go back and watch them over as many times as you need to in order to grasp the skill being demonstrated. The time it will take to watch each video varies from lesson to lesson, and is shown in parenthesis () after each video link. It is recommended that you let the video load completely in the browser window before you attempt to play it.

NOTE: To view each video, click on the links below. The video will open in a new window. Close the window to return to this page.  Be patient…

Video 1: Creating the Background(10:07)

Video 2: Checkerboard Center(13:19)

Video 3: Floating Color(8:33)

Video 4: Creating the Border with Stamps(4:50)

Video 5: Ants and Ladybugs Border (10:56)

Video 6: Using Smaller Stencil Brushes, Adding Details and Stylus Work(3:52)

Video 7:  More Details and Ink (12:57)

Video 8: Word Border and Finish(3:24)

finished gameboard

When you finish, you can decide what kind of game pieces you would like to use.  “Found Objects” such as buttons work great.  You could also create pieces of watermelon using a triangle piece of wood.  Another idea would be to use circle shapes and put half the pieces with ladybugs and half with ants.  I bet you can come up with a fun idea of your own.  What do you think?

Interior Design

If you decide you would rather continue to paint and use this as a sign, you will need to follow the directions in your instruction pdf.

base in all the shapes

Base in all the shapes.  There is a stencil for these or I included the line work for you in the pattern.

watermelon rind

details on watermelon

highlights on grapes

The grapes get both shading and highlighting.  Don’t get hung up with putting about perfect placement.  Your eye will just recognize the depth you are trying to create.

ants and highlights

Add more highlights and the ants


Add more details.  Finish by adding grass and then leaves.words

Finish with details on the ants and putting in the lettering.

You are ready for your next summer challenge – –celebrate!!!!

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