Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a credit card, can I pay by check or money order?

Yes, you can send in a check.  You will not receive your password until the check has cleared.

When do I receive the password? 

You will receive an email with your class confirmation and welcome letter within 48 hours after your purchase has been processed.  Your password will be in that information.

I didn’t get my confirmation within 48 hours, what do I do?

First check your spam folder.  It most likely is there.  Also make sure we have your correct email when ordering.  It is very easy to make a typo.  If your email is not current, you will not receive communication from us.  If you still have a problem, contact us and we will get it figured out.

Why can’t I get logged in with my password?

Your browser must be set to allow for cookies.  You must set it to do this.

I can’t see the video once I logged in.

You must have javascript on and a flash player installed.  High-speed internet is required to get the best results.

I can’t attend all the days during the opening week of class, so is it worth signing up?

You have access to the class information for the lifetime of the course.  You will not miss out on anything except some prize giveaways and feedback for that one day.  You still can “attend” for the next new day of class and participate then.  You will be able to go back and get all the goodies and information you will need.

Is there a specific time I must log in to get the information during opening week?

NO, you can join in at anytime.  New information is released each day during the opening week of class but you can join in at anytime.  So if you are working, join in when you get home in the evening.  You haven’t missed out.