Crafter’s Holiday Workshop Open Now

We are up and running again….Welcome to our workshop with crafters as our main focus.  We will be covering lots of tips and tricks to make your painting more productive.  We will also be looking at ways to change patterns to make them more “craft” friendly.  Lots of topics will be covered and it will be a week full of information and fun.  It doesn’t matter if you only do a few items or you do many, you want to be the most productive that you can be.

To get to the class area, click on “Online Classes” above and then click on the Fall Festival.  That will open a window with 3 choices of workshops.  Click on “Crafters Holiday Workshop” and then you will be asked for your password.  Enter your password and you are on your way.

Have fun, come back often and adapt the lessons to meet your needs.

If you are looking for other classes, just click on the appropriate button.  Need to sign-up?  Go to our website for more info and to register.

Keep a smile in your brush,