Spring Time Frame

Spring Time Frame lo res
Spring Time Frame

Here is your pattern/PDF: Spring Time Frame.pdf
Included are photos, instructions, supply list and linework

NOTE:  Each video is in .mov format and requires QuickTime Player in order to view. If you need to download and install QuickTime Player for Windows, click here. If you are a Mac user, QuickTime is built into Mac OS X.

I have not tested it on all browsers, but do know that it will work on the following: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome. It will also work on an iPad.

Video 1: Background: using torn paper (tissue wrap); adding color wash (10:14)
Video 2: Stenciling: numbers; flowers (10:03)
Video 3: Adding a “ghost” image; diamond pattern; spattering (7:27)
Video 4: Adding a spring bird; shading and adding depth (12:46)
Video 5: Adding a wing; feathering; greenery (7:18)
Video 6: Adding flowers to branch; finishing floral details (6:06)
Video 7: Adding words; additional details; Frame: texture mesh (6:04)