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Project 2: Love Notes

Today we are exploring washes.  I am not talking windows here.  You can have a lot of fun with these and really get some stunning effects.

Here is todays PDF:  Project 2 pdf

It includes:  Photo, linework, instructions and supply list.

It is recommended that you let the video load completely in the browser window before you attempt to play it.  Be patient, this may take a few minutes.  It will depend on the speed of your computer and the speed of your internet connection.

NOTE: To view the video, click on the link below. The video will open in a new window. Close the window to return to this page.

Video 1: (10:16) Base and Add Paper
Video 2: (13:04) Create Background Wash
Video 3: (6:43) Shade Edge, Save Layer
Video 4: (8:32) Add Lettering and Shade

Now that you have the basics down we can add other elements to finish off the piece.

shade around letters

Shade around the letters and flowers.  You can add color over the letters as needed to clean up the area.  Next base in the heart.  I used Slate Grey first and then came over it again with Santa Red.

base rabbit and flowers

Base rabbit and flowers.


Float the rabbit and flowers.

add details on ears and belly

Dry brush the belly and ears.  Add details.

hearts and dots 14

Add dots and hearts.

leaves and edge15

Add leaves and grasses.

Finish by adding all the detail.  You can add Lamp Black around the outside edge if you like.

Have fun and think of all the possibilities.