Day 8

snowflake kisses lo res

Snowflake Kisses Mini Standing Oval

If you haven’t tried the mini version of these standing ovals and rectangles, here is your chance.  These make great gifts and are really nice because they can be taken apart and stored easily.  The mini versions allow for some quick gifts but you can put as much detail into your project as you wish.  Just because these are smaller doesn’t mean that you can use them for more advanced projects.

Todays Extra Tips:

  • Use care when using mini word stencils.  If you are using a small stencil brush really watch how much pressure you are using to apply the paint.  If you press too hard you will have paint bleeding underneath and make a mess for yourself.  Try using more of a brushing technique with lighter pressure.  You can always repeat and add more paint.
  • It is OK to let characters run off the page when you are placing them.  That takes them right down to the bottom of the surface.  You don’t have to see all of the character to make it an important element.  A lot of people worry when they do not have all the character visible.
  • When overlapping characters decide which ones will more forward.  When you apply shading adding a double float will make the design take on more depth.  Look at your photo well to see where the floats are placed.  Is it on the object, outside the object or both.
  • Vary details of the scarves and hats and just have fun with it.  Make it more complicated if you want and add more colors or shapes.

Most of all keep a smile in your brush.  Enjoy what you are doing and it will show in your work.

There is no video today since this uses mostly our basic skills that we have already covered.

Have fun.