Above and Beyond

Here is the Bonus Above and Beyond Material.  I took 10 of my favorite surfaces and gave you ideas on how use the stencils and stamps with them.  I hope you will see all the possibilities for this bundle.

NOTE:  Each video is in MP4 (video/quicktime) format.
Remember:  Video files are large and may take several minutes to load (even though it appears on the screen) so that it can be viewed. Individual  browsers handle video files in different ways, so please be patient.

Video 1: (7:01)

Video 2:
Part 1: (12:58)
Part 2: (9:58)

Video 3: (8:13)

Video 4: (5:36)

Video 5: (4:28)

Video 6: (3:47)

Video 7: (5:34)

Video 8: (6:56)

Video 9: (5:59)

Video 10: (6:15)