Project Two: Fall 2015 Spooktacular – Fancy Halloween Sign

happy halloween fancy board lo res

Project: Fancy Halloween Sign

Here is your pdf to print out:  Includes photos, instructions and linework – fancy halloween sign2

The pdf was update 10/20/15 it now has additional photos

NOTE:  Each video is in MP4 (video/quicktime) format.
Remember:  Video files are large and may take several minutes to load (even though it appears on the screen) so that it can be viewed. Individual  browsers handle video files in different ways, so please be patient.

Video 1: (9:14)
Video 2: (8:55)
Video 3: (9:34)
Video 4: (8:59)
Video 5: (11:26)
Video 6: (10:09)
Video 7: (13:32)