Creative Stenciling: Session 1

Creative Stenciling 101 Session 1 contains lots of different topics and lessons.  We feature our Basecoat Stencil series but you could also adapt the information to most stencil products.

NOTE: Session 2 will open and be available starting Friday Sept. 27, 2013.

The lessons are divided into smaller segments so you can easily find topics.  I recommend that you watch the lessons in numerical order.  Of course, you can always go back and watch them over as many times as you need to in order to grasp the skill being demonstrated. The time it will take to watch each video varies from lesson to lesson, and is shown in parenthesis () after each video link.

It is recommended that you let the video load completely in the browser window before you attempt to play it.  Be patient, this may take a few minutes.  It will depend on the speed of your computer and the speed of your internet connection.

NOTE: To view each video, click on the links below. The video will open in a new window. Close the window to return to this page.

Video 1: (9:36) Introduction of Basecoat Stencils and Stenciling

Video 2: (6:50) The Basecoat Stencil Process, Categories of Stencils

Video 3: (2:23) Stencil Guide

Video 4: (7:05) Many Uses of Stencils

Video 5: (7:41) Methods of Stenciling

Video 6: (4:06) Cleaning Stencils and Brushes

Video 7: (4:53) Storage of Stencils

Video 8: (5:19) Scored Lines, Layering Shapes/Color

Here are PDF’s for you to download and print.  You can store them with your stencils for quick reference in the future.

Stencil Brochure 2013

Stencil Resource Guide 2013

I hope you found the information a good start to your stenciling.  There is more to come in Session 2.