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2019 Twelve Days of Christmas Updated Schedule

Twelve Days Delivery UPDATE…

The Twelve Days of Christmas envelopes are sent and on their way. They will start to arrive Dec. 26. Of course depending where you are located depends on when they will arrive and holiday mail is ofen a little slower. We will start openng videos Dec. 26th with Day 1. We will be doing the 12 days after Christmas this year. Each day a video will open until they are all open, We open just one so as not to overload the system at once. Once a video is open, you can go into it anytime you want to.Here is the schedule for ornament videos opening.

2019 Edition Schedule: Day 1 – Dec.26, Day 2 – Dec. 27, Day 3 – Dec. 28, Day 4 – Dec. 29, Day 5 – Dec 30, Day 6 – Dec. 31, Day 7 – Jan. 1, Day 8 – Jan. 2, Day 9 – Jan. 3, Day 10 – Jan. 4, Day 11 – Jan. 5, Day 12 – Jan, 6.

If you qualified for the Early Bird Bonus it will be open Dec.26.

All videos open at 8 AM CST.

I again thank you for your patience, I do feel better and thank you for your best wishes. Still working on stamina.


The Fall session of TEAMWORKS will begin soon. I will post when the information is ready for you. Until then, anticipate great things. I will post the linework shortly for those who will be cutting their own wood. You will be able to order your kits very soon also.

Creative TEAMWORKS is about to start…

The NEW Creative TEAMWORKS program is about to start.  If you are looking for the supply list, click the link above.  It will open up the members page with the May information.  The June and July info will be available later this week.  We have created a lot of class content and we are excited and believe this will be our best yet!  If you haven’t joined, enrollment will close April 29th and not reopen until the fall.  Hope you join us.

Love Bundle is here…

The Love Bundle Videos for the 4 featured projects are up and waiting for you.  Just click on the link above and enter your password.  The Bonus Above and Beyond video/material with extra ideas will be up by next week.

Hope you enjoy!


Extra Bonus Now Available

If you are participating in the 2018 12 Days of Christmas, the extra bonus is now available to download.  You will supply your own surface.  Enter into the main page and you will find the bonus at the bottom of the page.  Have fun!  Happy New Year!!!


2018 12 Days of Christmas Has Arrived…

Hope you all enjoy this year’s edition of our 12 Days of Christmas.  Remember that you have unlimited access and can enter whenever you wish.  There will be an extra bonus given this year and should be available to you to download by December 30th.  That will give our team a chance to enjoy the holidays also.  Thanks for joining us and above all, have fun!

Happy Holidays!


2018 Santa’s Summer Workshop

Santa’s Summer Workshop opens July 24th. We open one class per day until they are all open.  Look above for the link to enter the classroom.   If you have not received your kit yet or you need to start at a later date, no worries.   We open one class per day so we don’t overload the system.  Once the classes open you can go in as you wish as often as you wish. You work on your schedule. Hope you have fun and thanks so much for joining us!