Bonus 14_Santa’s 2020 Summer Workshop

Congratulations: Bonus for All

This is the bonus project you qualified for by helping us reach a participation number goal.  I hope you enjoyed this year’s summer program.  Thank you for participating and helping us reach our goal.  Enjoy!

Project: Joyful Gnome – Santa Joy Scalloped Ornament

Use whatever surface you have on hand and adapt the pattern or if you want the exact piece you can get the scallop.  Sources are in the pattern.

Here is the pdf with the instructions, photo and linework:  bonus 14 SSW2020.pdf

Here are the videos. The pattern pdf will be up later this weekend.

Video 1: (13:41)
Video 2: (17:41)
Video 3: (7:19)
Video 4: (9:10)