Bonus Treat (14)_Twelve Days of Christmas 2016


Bonus #2 Project: Keep Christmas In Your Heart

This project is your reward for helping us reach a goal for participation in our 12 Days of Christmas.  If you qualified for the early bird bonus, this bonus makes it your 14th project!

You will need to click on the pdf below.  Print your instructions, photo and linework on your own printer.  You may adapt this project to any surface of your choice.  We all have a few surfaces laying around ready for a design.

Click here for your pdf:Bonus-2 pdf  It includes your instructions, photo and linework.

Thank you so much for participating and helping us reach our goal.  Enjoy the project and video!

NOTE:  Each video is in MP4 (video/quicktime) format.
Remember:  Video files are large and may take several minutes to load (even though it appears on the screen) so that it can be viewed. Individual  browsers handle video files in different ways, so please be patient.

Video 1: (8:56)
Video 2: (11:50)
Video 3: (13:14)
Video 4: (8:15)
Video 5: (12:23)
Video 6: (12:33)