Day Three: Hot Cocoa Snowman Plaque

snowman chalk ornament lo res

Hot Cocoa Snowman Plaque

Today’s project works well on a variety of surfaces.  Your computer provides a great resource for finding examples of chalk signs.  They are everywhere.  When I first did this several years ago it hadn’t caught on yet.  It was hot in the scrapbook area long before we painters adopted it.

Try different brands of chalk pencils.  They vary in their hardness and make different marks on your surface.  Look for different brushes and tools to help clean up the area and also soften areas of color.

Here are several video segments to help you create this project and see the possibilities:

It is recommended that you let the video load completely in the browser window before you attempt to play it.  Be patient, this may take a few minutes.  It will depend on the speed of your computer and the speed of your internet connection.

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Video 1: (9:11)
Video 2: (9:49)
Video 3: (10:39)
Video 4: (7:44)
Video 5: (13:09)
Video 6: (8:46)