May-Ultimate Adventure 2016

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Project: Wish Upon a Star

Walt Disney has been such a large influence in my life and career.  He believed that wishes do come true if you dare to dream.  25 years ago I dreamed about starting my own creative business and be my own boss.  I dreamed of creating products that people would enjoy and feel success in using them.  I am successful when others are.  Enjoy the project!

NOTE:  Each video is in MP4 (video/quicktime) format.
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Video 1: (10:38)
Video 2: (11:26)
Video 3: (10:39)
Video 4: (8:16)
Video 5: (7:49)
Video 6: (18:15)

Here is sneak peak into my places that I work.  I am in the process of making some changes in my home studio and I will give you a tour later in our adventure but see how Disney even is visible in our place of work.

Bonus Video (15:20)

Our trip to Disney was great this past March.  It truely is a Magic Kingdom in my book!

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